Hugo Craft Sport Biplane
Hugo Craft Sport Biplane
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Adolf Hugo designed and built the Hugo Craft Sport Biplane in the 1960's.  He flew it to many fly ins and put over 300 hours on it. Mr. Hugo has passed away, and his plane is now in a Tulsa Oklahoma Air Museum being restored.  Mr. Hugo lived in the Tulsa area. 
Only one other Hugo Craft has been built to my knowledge.  I have aquired a set of plans and may build it.  It is simple and straight forward.  It is a scaled down Great Lakes Sport Trainer with the same airfoil as the Great Lakes. It would appear that I would need to add a foot or so to the wing span to fit the Light Sport Catagory.  Mr. Hugo was 6 feet tall and fit into the 21 inch wide cockpit just fine.  Many have flown it and it was said to have very nice flying qualities.

  The HugoCraft is not tested to be fully aerobatic. The prototype was tested to 5 g positive and 1.5 g negative.

Hugo Craft Sport Biplane Specs
Wing Span Top Wing 17 feet
Wing Span Lower Wing 15 feet
Wing Cord 3 feet
Length 15 feet
Empty Weight 558 lbs.
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Power 65 hp Continental
Lands at 55 mph
Cruise 105 mph
Fuselage is 4130 Steel tubing.
Wings are spruce built up ribs on spruce spars.
Fabric covered except for engine cowling.
Wittman Style landing gear.

Hugo Craft Sport Biplane 3 View
Hugo Craft 3 view
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Hugo Craft Sport Biplane Side View
Hugo Craft Side View
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Top view
Hugo Craft Top View
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First Article from Past Airplane Magazines on the Prototype

Second Article from Past Airplane Magazines on the Prototype

The Hugo Craft Bipe is now in a Museum in Tulsa OK.  Here is a photo.

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