N9Y Baby Great Lakes
Baby Great Lakes

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Send me photos of your Baby Lakes!

Helmut's Baby
                Lakes 65hp
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Another fine picture of Helmut Hillenbrand's Baby Lakes
From Germany.  Thanks to photographer Stefan Schmoll for allowing us to use this
Dick Lane built this Baby Lakes
Dick Lane built this Baby Lakes and completed it in September 2008.  It is powered by a Continental 85 hp engine. Click on the image to see a larger version.  Dick has built several Baby Lakes and also a Buddy Baby Lakes that he flies regularly.  the plane has no generator, starter or battery and came in weighing 480 lbs empty.  That is the weight you want to shoot for in building your Baby Lakes!

Dial Up Larger
High Speed Larger
Thanks to Steve Pelligreno for permission to post his great photo of a Buddy Baby Great Lakes on Final.  According to FAA records this plane belongs to Randy Rogers of Paletka, Florida. It has a Lyc 0290 and was completed in 1995

I found this photo on the net. Click on it to see it larger.