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The Great Great Lakes!

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Note: I realize some of us have slow speed internet connections. So the pictures on this page are small
for fast loading.  If you wish to see a larger version, click on the picture.

1930's Cirrus Powered Lakes
Small Tail 2T 1929 model
This is the large tail with the inverted Cirrus engine- 1930's. Designated MODEL 2T-1E
Small Tail means it is a model 1920's 2T model inverted Cirrus power

This is a beautiful 185 hp Warner radial powered Great Lakes.  I took this picture at Blakesburg AAA flyin 2006
This is a factory built 180 hp Lycoming Great Lakes from Moline IL.  This picture was also taken at Blakesburg 2006
This is a 1930 Great Lakes that has been restored with a 185 hp Warner radial engine.Hal Krier's 185 hp Warner Radial Great Lakes.  He flew airshows in the 1950's and 60's.  We understand this plane is still in Kansas and flying.
This is a vintage picture of an historic Great Lakes flown by Rod Joyclyn and Lindsey Parsons at the 1962 World Aerobatic Contest in Hungary I believe.  185 hp Warner power.Lindsey Parsons sent me this picture. This was his Great Lakes he flew airshows in before getting the PJ-260 named after him.

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