The Great Great Lakes!

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Even Instrument Training!
Instrument training at one Time in a Great Lakes!

Great Lakes 2T Sport Trainer
Wingspan  26 feet 7 inches
Length  20 feet 3 inches
Wing Cord  48 inches
Wing area 187.5 sq feet
Number of Seats 2 tandem
Height 7 feet 3 inches (depending on wheels and shock struts)
Engines  125-220 hp (now someone has made a  300 + hp Russian Radial model)

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Here are some examples of how a Great Lakes performs:
Charley Humphrey and his Lakes  Homebuilt Lakes
Empty weight:  1288lbs
Engine:  Fairchild 6-440 C2  (175hp Ranger)
Performance:  105mph cruise at 10 gal/hour (in 0 wind!)
Fixed pitch prop

Bert Bade and His Lakes N502GL  Bert Bade Factory Lakes
Empty weight 1144
Engine: Lycoming 1-320  (140 hp)
Performance 100 mph at 2300 rpm 7.0 gallons/ hour
Fixed pitch prop
Mike Danielle and His Lakes N31GL  Mike Danielle's Homebuilt Lakes
Empty weight: 1356 lbs
Engine: Fairchild 6-440 (200 hp Ranger)
Performance 105 mph at 1950 rpm 9.5 gal/hour
Fixed pitch prop

Anne Hopkins and Her Lakes Nanna N22TE Ann Hopkins'  Factory Lakes
Emtpy weight: 1235 lbs
Engine: AEIO 360 Big 6 Lycoming (180 hp)
Performance: 105 mph at 21 inches   8 gal/hour